Webmaster Tools Online

Here are some webmaster tools currently under development.

CPC CalculatorCPC Calculator
Keyword Rocket Keyword Rocket Seo Tool
Compare Sites Compare Sites
BackLink Fetcher BackLink Fetcher Seo Tool
Top 1000 Searches BackLink Fetcher Seo Tool
Future PageRank Prediction
Keyword Synonyms
Keyword Typos
Website Price Calc
Meta Tag Generator
Check Reciprocal Links
Google Banned Checker
Keyword Density Analyzer
Keyword Position
Robots.txt Tool
Domain Typo Generator
Secure Pass Generator
Duplicate Content Fixer
Domain to IP
PageRank™ Checker
Alexa Rank Checker
Limit File Access

Interested in donating time, code, or money (we accept cash or credit :) We are always looking for things to improve our services. Create a helpful Webmaster Tool and get full credit for it. We'll place a "Module Created By Jon Doe" under the application. This is a great way to get exposure.

Reach us via SitePoint.com here is our profile page. If you've not already signed up, sign up and pm me your ideas.