About HowRank.com

Everything you wanted to know about us and then some.

HowRank.com is an internet hybrid site created in June 2008. Being a rather new company we are still in the testing and developing phase.

Our A.D.D. coffee fueled projects at current include:

  1. HowRank Bot -a friendly php based bot that indexes the web grabbing seo related details from sites roots.
  2. Search Queries Bot -another php based bot has received over 300,000 unique queries. It then ranks the terms in order, and shows the top 1000 request.
  3. HowRank Search -Search and display content on 60,000 web pages. With a thousand or so added daily. This is 100% unique content and not some Google or Yahoo API. This is data gathered by our HowRank Bot.
  4. Thumbnails Bot -Python,PHP,MySQL and Windows based Bot still in development. Not ready for release as of yet the Bot will create thumbnails of all web pages in the HowRank Database. Thumbnails will be available to other webmasters, and we may eventually offer a HowRank API Similar to SnapShots
  5. SEO and Webmaster Tools
  6. SEO Article Repository as suggested by members of Site-Refrence.com we will be implementing an SEO Article Submission Repository, where users can submit their own articles to HowRank.com

Special Thanks

We wanted to dedicate this little area to our friends and those helping us out.

Mike Koenig - Me... I'm the owner and the creator of HowRank. I Live in the United States, and I'm always working on new projects, always have my hand in a minimum of 3 things at once. I've personally developed this site as stated at the top in a "Coffee Fueled ADD Coma".

Ryan Steyn - Is a South African, who studied pc engineering, and is self taught in web development, web design and graphic design. Ryan is responsible for much of the recent concept adjustments on howrank. He has given free time and much input.