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Not your average scooby doo password generator.

Password Generator Free Online Tool from creates creates a secure 8 character minimum password, consisting of Upper Alpha, Lower Alpha, Numeric, and Special Characters. Anything less than 8 characters is insecure.

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Choose options and hit "Generate Secure Passcode".

Random Secure Passcode Generation
Special Characters

*A 20 character passcode consisting of upper and lower case letters would take todays fastest super computer 631 Billion years to crack, while a 7 character passcode consisting of upper and lower case letters would take only 30 seconds.

** in no way shape or form performs any storage of generated passcodes. The passwords you create only appear to you, as they are created on form post (submit), and will never be seen by bots or other visitors. Best practices suggest that you write the passcode down and not copy and paste it, it may be possible for packet sniffers on your network to "grab" the passcode on a copy paste text transfer.

Security research has shown about 85% of all passwords to be insecure. Many times we leave them taped to the bottom of our keyboard, or use something simple like our dogs name. Creating a secure password is one of those simple security steps we often overlook.


Choose the length of the password. 8 character minimum. Sorry this isn't a scoobydoo password generator. We are serious. [OK Go Ahead]

Upper & Lower Alpha

Upper and lower case alphabet characters. Just like you learned in pre school. [OK Go Ahead]


If you need me to tell you what numbers are... please step away from the computer. [OK Go Ahead]

Special Characters

Special characters make the password even more secure. We include !@#%^&*()_+:?~` [OK Go Ahead]

Good For

  • Security Experts
  • Online Banking Passwords
  • Database Passwords
  • Webpage Cpanel Passwords
  • Military Level Passwords
  • Random Password Generation
  • Hard Coded Passwords
  • .htaccess Passwords