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Keyword Synonyms Tool from creates synonyms of search terms to better help you get those long tail keyword hits using a keyword database of over 200,000+ terms.

A recent article published by stated that "Long Tail of Google's Search Results Dominated by Doorway Pages & Other Spam". This means that it takes less "effort" to rank well for long tail search terms. You can read more about the long tail over at wikipedia.

This Keyword Synonyms SEO Tool will effectively generate terms you might not otherwise think of, and in tern help you increase your traffic by grabbing those long tail keywords. Just enter a term or terms below.

Keyword Synonyms Tool
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Keywords - A keyword is a word or concept with special significance, in particular any word used as the key to a code or used in a reference work to link to other words or other information. The term keyword in reference to SEM usually refers to a word or phrase (combination of words, such as 'Chicago Courier Service') used to find relevant and useful web pages. (cited: WikiPedia)