James Randi Educational Foundation - an educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural., Swift is the weekly commentary of the James Randi Educational Foundationa and is written by James Randi. This week Academic Madness in Maryland, Coroner Cornered, New York Magazine Adds to It All, Another Non-UFO, A Lame Reply, When Will We Grow up?, An Astronomer Comments, Do Take a Look, A Comments Comment, Geller in Turkey, and In Conclusion?, SWIFT is the weekly commentary of the James Randi Educational Foundation and is written by James Randi. This week: Silly Neck-Stuff, Incredible, Yet Another ?Search? Show, Discovery Channel Discovers More Woo-Woo, Dow Jones Offers the Latest in Science, What Winners Do, Pretty But Useless, Waldorf Schools Examined, and In Closing

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