The Grail of the Feminine is urging us to open our minds to a new vision of reality, a revelation of all cosmic life as a divine unity. For those awakened to this vision, to be born a human being is not to be born into a fallen, flawed world of sin and illusion, cut off from the divine; it is to be born into a world lit by an invisible radiance, ensouled by Divine Presence, graced and sustained by incandescent light and love... This primordial experience of the Great Mother is the foundation of later cultures all over the world. She is like an immense tree, whose roots lie beyond the reach of our consciousness, whose branches are all the forms of life we know, and whose flowering is a potential within us, a potential that only a tiny handful of the human race has realized. The Divine Feminine in all Her aspects - Primordial Mother, Devi, Shekinah, Holy Spirit, Ruh, Tao, Aykaa Mayee, Divine Mother, Prajnaparamita, Lalita, Kwan Yin, Sophia, Kundalini, Adi Shakti, White Buffalo Calf Woman. Please note that except for quotes and images of Her latest incarnation as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi this site is entirely about three young siblings meditating, meeting and conversing with the Divine Feminine from 1993-2007.

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