Website Price Calculator

Website Price Calculator

How Much is My Site Worth? It's a question thousands of web site owners ask themselves and others every day? There is no set formula but this website value calculator is more accuarate than nearly all others.

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Monthly income is the most important feature in determining the value of a site. Please don't enter commas or $ they are not used by our calculator.

PageRank is one of the most popular ways to judge a site. While it won't get you that far, it is a factor in domain pricing. If you are not sure what the PageRank is use our free page rank tool.

Just like fine wine the age of a domain helps play a roll in it's value. The older the better. Older sites have more trust from the search engines.

Chaos is our attempt to poke fun at the website sale process itself. It throws random often whimsical scenarios into the website pricing system. You may receive % increases and decreases into the formula to give a chaotic more realistic result.

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