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Meta Tag Generator from creates quality meta tag code for your pages. It is quick, easy, free, and will help improve your rankings.

It creates <title>, description, keywords, author, cache options, and how often you would like the bots to return. Quality meta tags are about 75% of SEO. Without a proper Title and Description tag the page is pretty much dead in the water. While there is still much debate over the use of keywords tag, it is still in use by search engines like yahoo.

Generate Meta Tags

Title tag is the most important thing you can add to your page. Just do a search for Untitled Document and see the 44 million titles that have been untitled. Don't be one of the 44 million. Stand out. [back to top]

Description tags are the second most important meta tag. These are what often show up on search engines under the title. This is the descriptive bit a person reads before clicking on a page. Be sure not to keyword stuff. [back to top]

Keywords meta tag is under some scrutiny as to whether it is being used or not. At one time it was used widely by search engines. It is to easy to spam with unrelated words, so most search engines don't use this anymore. [back to top]

Author tag has very little SEO value, but hey let's give ourselves credit. Put your name in there. [back to top]

Revisit tag is another one of those tags being debated. We don't know if search engines follow the command, but basically is saying hey come back in X number of days and check for new content and updates.[back to top]

Cache while some rogue bots won't listen to this meta command the cache tag can be used to prevent indexing of a page by most major search engines. [back to top]