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HowRank.com is a resource site started in June 2008. The purpose is to provide superior and transparent information and web based tools for Students, Teachers, IT Gurus, Webmasters, SEO, and SEM Analyst. When it comes to ranking we have a cumulative approach. We don't assign a number or star ranking system, but lay the data out on the table for the end user to interpret.

Top SEO & Web Tools
Keyword Rocket Keyword Rocket
Create related keywords from terms or words and see how much competition is currently in that niche.
Traffic Estimator Traffic Estimator
Estimate website traffic and value with PageStat.com get 3D stats, keywords, tweets, and more!
Compare Sites Compare Sites
Compare website statistics. Enter up to 4 domains and get info from Google, Yahoo, MSN, DMOZ
Website Price Calc Website Price Calc
How much is your site worth? Into buying or selling domains? Use this tool first.
Domain Typo Generator Domain Typo
Create and register domain typos for popular domains. Use with alexa top 100 for best results.
Top Search Terms CPC Calculator
Great utility that calculates how much a specific site will earn from CPC according to a few stats.

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